Beijing Zhongke Journal Publising Co. Ltd.

Incorporated in December of 2010, Beijing Zhongke Journal publishing Co. Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (Science Press), is a professional publishing organization as well as the main operation entity for the National Publishing Base of Science and Technology Journals, specializing in publishing services, operational management, periodical marketing, professional training, and digital publishing etc.

We are continuously developing and perfecting our services in periodical intensification, digital platforms, marketing & promotion, international cooperation and editorial training, whilst exploring new publishing cooperation models such as capital, legal and service links, attracting participation of leading periodicals from various subjects, industries, and regions. So far, we are intensively publishing 300 kinds of journals, and our academic cluster platforms are witnessing more and more journals to join us and enjoy joint development.

In recent years, we are actively involving in the construction of the National Publishing Base of Science and Technology Journals, making great efforts to build information and service platforms such as China Science & Technology Journals(STJ), China Open Access Journals (COAJ), Earth and Environment Sciences (EES), Materials Journals Online, to disseminate scientific knowledge and support technological research by providing full range services of information exchange and access.

Science China Press

Founded in 1995, Science China Press is an academic journals publisher under the command of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and mainly provides the services of editing, publishing and circulating of research journals. It is one of the most important professional academic publishers in China. Started in 1950 and sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Natural Science Foundation of China, these journals convey the high-quality and original results in both basic and applied research in China, and have made a great contribution to the academic communication and development.

Science Press

Founded in 1954, Science Press (SP) is China’s largest comprehensive sci-tech publishing organization. Always adhering to its tradition and style of “high level, high proficiency and high quality” and “solemn, rigorous and strict”, SP has been publishing large quantities of excellent books and journals reflecting China’s scientific and technological level and therefore is metaphorically called “scientists’ publisher”. According to data from various statistical reports released by trade organizations, SP, in the sense of scale and competitiveness, stands in the front among all the publishers in China and ranks first among sci-tech publishers in the country.

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